Enhanced Services

Expanded Coverage

Do you travel to one city frequently? Add it as a Sister City for just $3 per month and you'll receive your pages when you're traveling. You can add Statewide Coverage if you travel in your home state. Or get coverage in several states by selecting Regional Coverage. And for the frequent traveler we offer the largest available Nationwide Coverage. You'll be covered in over 90% of the United States.You can save time and money by purchasing your additional coverage for the year or you can pay for a certain amount of months now. To pay by the month, just select your coverage option and how many months you'd like to pay for now (the quantity). And you can change, add, or delete your coverage service at any time. Staying in Touch while you Travel is Easy and Affordable.
  • Sister City- $ 3 per month
  • Statewide- $ 5 per month
  • Regional- $ 10 per month
  • Nationwide- $ 23 per month

Toll-Free Numbers

Add a Personal Toll-Free Number for just $10 per month. Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of toll-free access. Friends and family can dial your pager from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada without incurring long distance charges. And you can check your messages from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada toll-free. And if you've got a business, you can expand your possibilities. Your clients will be impressed when you give out your new toll-free number. When you add a toll-free number, your customers are much more inclined to contact you.

To add a toll-free number just select it during the signup process. You may cancel your toll-free number at anytime. Get a Toll-free Number and Stay in touch.

  • Numeric Service - For just $10 per month you can receive up to 200 toll-free calls. Overcalls are just $0.15 per call. So staying in touch is affordable, too. You'll receive both a local number* and a toll-free number. And you still receive unlimited paging on your local number. With a toll-free number, you're friends and family will be that much closer.
  • Two-Way Service - Add toll-free number as part of a Two-Way Paging Service Package. Toll-free Number- Allows access from anywhere in the United States*- $10 extra per month.

*Local Numbers not available in all cities. Please note the following about toll-free numbers: Having a toll-free number does not increase your coverage area. For more information about coverage and toll-free numbers, please visit our FAQ Section.

Additional Voice Mail

We offer three Voice Mail plans to best suit your needs:


  • Junior Voice Mail - $2 per month- You can leave a 15 second greeting and the caller can leave a 15 second Message. Upto 5 messages can be stored for upto 12 hours.
  • Business Voice Mail- $5 per month - Gives you a 30 second personal greeting, allows the caller to leave a 30 second message and holds up to 15 messages for 24 hours.
  • Executive Voice Mail- $7 per month - Allows you a 30 second personal greeting, allows the caller to leave a 60 second message and holds your messages for 48 hours.